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Optimise your Video Production Call-to-Actions

Video production content is often the best performing content on the internet. It garners the biggest exposure and interactions, and as such, should be optimised to improve your conversion rates. This is a prime example of content marketing, whereby each piece of content is tweaked for the purpose of some form of user buy-in. This could be in the form of a new subscriber to your newsletter, or a potential new client. The goals of your call-to-actions may vary, but the optimisation is consistent regardless of the agenda.

Keep it Simple

When creating your call-to-actions, make sure you write them as plainly and simple as possible. Adding additional steps or potential ambiguous copy will only potential add obstacles to the users attempts at contacting your company. So keep your call-to-actions simple and straight-to-the-point, which includes the language you use. This general rule is especially important when you add multiple links and options to your call-to-actions, as each option is potentially obstructing the users navigational journey. This is especially important when creating landing pages with video content, as the pages main focus should be conversion.

Active Voice

When creating your call-to-actions make sure you write them in active voice. This entails presenting the copy whereby the subject is performing the action. This type of voice is more likely to stimulate action and is essential for any content with a marketing or sales dynamic. The same can be said for scripting call-to-actions at the end of your videos. I’m sure we have all seen the obligatory “like and subscribe” in every second Youtube video, despite the potential tedium to that statement, it is definitely more effective. After all, the numbers never lie.

Set up your Video Production Analytics

Your call-to-actions play a massive role in your overall conversion rate, so make sure you are able to measure their performance. There are a plethora of tools to leverage to get the most accurate insights into your copy’s performance, so get measuring and fine tune your call-to-actions accordingly. This segways in our next topic, A/B Testing.

A/B Testing

This process involves creating different templates of a conversion metric in order to improve your overall conversion rates. An easy way to do this is to start with two versions of your call-to-actions and then switching them out after a month or so. The idea is to get a call-to-action template that drives your conversion rates positively, which means you need to allow sufficient time for each template to perform. Once you have refined your templates, you can begin testing micro-adjustments until you have a well-optimised call-to-action. If you struggle with this process, research some competitors or industry leaders and take a page or two out of their ‘books’. When referencing foreign companies to be aware of potential cultural differences that may negatively impact your conversion rates.

Optimise your Video Production Publishing Channels

Call-to-actions can easily be incorporated in your social media and additional content. Do keep in mind, that each platform has its own ‘meta’ so to speak, so do research on each platform you are active on and optimise accordingly. For example: video annotations are a great way of adding call-to-actions to Youtube video content, but there are also video descriptions which could house additional links. Keep in mind that these platforms evolve over time, which means we recommend you revisit your call-to-actions on each platform every couple of months to ensure your content is being properly leveraged.

Looking to optimise your video to improve your conversion rates? With over a decade of experience in both video production and content marketing, and we understand the strategies and potential behind each. Get in touch today!

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