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How to Repurpose your Training Videos into Sales Collateral

Training Video production and sales video production share a ton of similarities, particularly in an industry where your production and processes are an essential part of your value-add. This includes most engineering, manufacturing, industrial and development based industries. In order to successfully repurpose your training videos into sales collateral, your content strategy needs to be optimised from the start of the content production. With a clear plan, you can optimise each step of production without the need to redo any production steps. This strategy allows you to maximise each shoot day, create templates for each style of content, and even optimise your content publishing and promotion.

Plan your Training Videos for Repurposing

The single biggest tip for repurposing your training videos into sales collateral is to plan your repurposing from the outset of production. It is considerably easier to consider your sale material when producing your content as you can align your scripts, shotlist and complementary graphics and animation to match both content items goals. This process will trickle down into every step of production and will simplify your content repurposing considerably.

Adapt your Training Video Scripts for Sales

When writing the scripts for your training videos, make sure to consider how your writing will translate to sales material. This will translate directly to your associated shotlist and shoot days. This also will streamline all your editing and design work. When adapting your scripts for sales collateral make sure you use active voice, this is your selling voice and essential when writing any action related content.

Adapt your Filming

When filming sales collateral make sure your footage is recorded in a manner that allows the sales person to sell. The sales material should act complementary to the sales person. We recommend this method because sales is not a copy paste process, every prospective client has different requirements, projects specs and goals. When planning your shoot days for your repurposeable content, keep in mind that you will need to spend a fair bit more time planning each shot, so make sure you plan your filming correctly in order to get each shot you need. Any videos production value is heavily affected by the shots you plan for. Your B-roll makes your video content more dynamic and assists in the visual representation of the subject matter. So plan for shoot days to ensure you can capture each shot optimally.

Standardise your Training Video Editing

When you plan on creating multiple video items, which is highly common in sales and training videos, create a template for each style of video. This helps speed up production, while simplifying the editing process. As we touched on above, editing your videos into shorter clips make them considerably easier to repurpose. This modular approach to editing gives you considerably more freedom to adapt your videos for multiple purposes.

Publishing Platforms Play a Key Role

When planning the publishing of your sales and training videos, we recommend considering the platforms for the hosting of your videos very carefully. Youtube is a great platform for exposure, your video content is available for the public to view and as platforms goes, carries the biggest audience. The downside of Youtube is that it is full of ads, video suggestions and potential distractions which may influence how professionally your video content is received. An alternative to Youtube is Vimeo, which carries an inherently smaller audience. The upside to Vimeo is that it keeps all your channel content clean and professional looking. The last thing you want in a sales meeting is for the potential client to see your “MMA Highlight videos” in your content feed.

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