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2D Character Animation – WWF GKSDP

2D Character Animation

We were tasked with the production of a 2D character animation for the WWF and USAID. The animation was focused around the greater Kruger region and its neighbouring farms and towns. With a major focus on the Greater Kruger Strategic Development Programme or GKSDP. The area is home to the ‘Big Five’ and houses many essential ecosystems for our treasured flora and fauna. The video tells the story of the development of eco-tourism and all the challenges that come with increased traffic in this region. It motivates the importance of stimulating local tourism to further sponsor and enhance the surrounding ecosystems.

This project involved lots of custom design and animation. From the backgrounds and characters to the individual animals. Each animated asset was custom developed to the client’s specification. In order to achieve this we split our project group into two teams, namely a design team and a story team. The Design team would work on developing each animated asset which would be reviewed by the client based on the project plan. In the meanwhile the story team worked closely with the client to write the script and develop the storyboard for the animation. This allowed us to make consistent progress on the animation production without having to delay production. We also opted for in-house voice recording, which meant using an experienced member of our team to voice the video. She was recorded in our recording studio, live with the client. This allowed the client to provide timely feedback on the voice narration.

Whenever you collaborate on a project with multiple organisations, it is important that you plan your project communication and collaboration in advance. We achieve this by establishing channels for collaboration and communication prior to starting the project. Once the kick-off meeting commences, we plan our project feedback frequency and dates according to the project plan. This structure ensures the integrity of the production process for the project and maintains urgency in communication. Furthermore establishing project roles is also of vital importance, as each step of production is reviewed by multiple project members, each member should have a clear role they are to provide input from.

2D Character Animation

It was an absolute pleasure working with the WWF and USAID for another project, we always learn so much from these esteemed organisations. Every project they work on is full of substance and drive, which is fantastic experience to be a part of. We have learned so much about our local ecosystems, social and economic development and all the potential challenges along the way. Speaking of which, 2D character animation is perfect for highlighting causes as the medium is easy to follow and captivating. This visual experience also allows the organisation to touch on tough or sensitive topics with a light-hearted medium, allowing for a comprehensive and concise video without the challenges of potentially offending the viewer. 2D Character animation is the perfect medium for challenging content without offending the viewer.

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2D Character Animation Video




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