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Industrial Photography – Gulf Oil Fuel Station Johannesburg

Industrial Photography – Gulf Oil Fuel Station Johannesburg

Gulf Oil is one of the top fuel retail providers in the United Kingdom, with networks and operations opening across the globe.
In 2019 I was contacted by AMPM Projects to photograph the various Gulf Oil fuel stations they worked within Yeoville, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Personal experiences:
This was an interesting shoot location, to say the least, the centre of Yeoville is not exactly considered the safest place in Johannesburg,
luckily with proper pre-planning, site scouting and the assistance of ZSS Security, the shoot was executed with finesse in a matter of minutes.

I arrived on site before sunrise so that I could adequately scout the location and plan exactly where I wanted to capture each photograph from,
after my scout, I sat in my car and sketched a rough Omni view visual representation of the site so that I could mentally plan my shoot direction based on what I had seen.

I waited a bit longer for my client to arrive with our security guard and for the perfect lighting, golden hour,
I met with my client explained exactly how I wanted to shoot and that it should only take a few minutes we deliberated and confirmed the photographs that we were required to capture.

I arranged that the station is closed to the public for a short period of time and waited for the remaining vehicles to leave.
I set up close to the station, adjusted my aperture, shutter speed and white balance and roughly balanced my verticals and horizontals so that I could make minor adjustments based on the landscape.

I set up in my first capture location and 11 clicks later I was finished, my client and I reviewed the captured photographs and confirmed that we were both happy.

In post-production 7 of the 11 photographs made the cut and I began editing.
I used a combination of subtle long-exposure and low-key style shooting to eliminate clutter from the very busy fuel station.
The low-key photographs allowed me to hide the multiple vehicles parked outside and around the fuel station and the long exposures
made comping out people a little easier as well as allowing soft light leak from the overhead lighting.


Adamjee Group AMPM Projects Gulf Oil


Canon 5D Mark IV, Manfrotto 055 Carbon Fiber Tripod, Canon 24mm Tilt-Shift Lens


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