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Company Showcase Marketing Video Production – Pasdec

Company Showcase Marketing Video Production – Pasdec

Oliver Karstel was tasked with the production of a company showcase marketing video for a specialised manufacturer. Pasdec is a manufacturer of automotive wiring harnesses, catalytic converters and car seats for international and prime vehicle brands. They provide a specialised product where the value added is highlighted through their manufacturing process, materials and quality control. It is important when highlighting a specialised product that you focus on the details that make up the company’s competitive advantages. Make a list of these in advance and make sure your following shot list and script match.

For a video of this nature, it is essential to plan your shots carefully to ensure that every step of manufacturing is properly highlighted. Every little detail makes all the difference for such specialised products. It was a pleasure working with the Pasdec team, they ensured we planned the video, by covering every step and associated detail. This meant we had a comprehensive shot list for our shoot days. The Pasdec team also planned their feedback in advance according to our project plan. This meant the team could provide timely feedback on each step of production and draft of the video.

The video was filmed over two days by a two-man crew. During the shoot, our team was well led by their health and safety team, who ensured disruptions to operations were kept to a minimum. For a marketing video, we recommend increasing the production value to help maintain the viewer’s attention. This is why we in-house recorded a professional voice artist in our recording booth. We also developed all the graphics and facilitated the script writing with consultation through every step. This ensured we kept a high production value through every draft of the video production.


  • Script Writing
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Design
  • Voice Recording
  • Mastery

For a company showcase video like this one, there are a ton of opportunities for content repurposing. This video could easily be adapted as a health and safety induction training video. It can also be repurposed into smaller clips for their website or social media. Lastly, this video could also be repurposed into sales collateral, with clips on specialised parts of their manufacturing process.

If you’re interested in producing a company showcase marketing video for your company, get in contact with one of our team members today.

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