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Marketing Video Production – Tractor Outdoor

We were tasked with the production of multiple marketing videos for DOOH digital billboard powerhouse Tractor Outdoor. DOOH stands for digital-out-of-home and involves outdoor digital billboards. The client needed videos produced for all their major billboards on the main highways across Gauteng, South Africa.

To tackle this project we created a package for them that suited their budget and time frames. The filming for this project presented many unique challenges. The videos required well-framed video clips, time lapses, photos and drone shots of various billboards on high-traffic highways. All the billboards were outside, which meant we could only film during the golden hour in the morning and evening. Additionally, the shoots required our team to park and operate expensive equipment on a busy highway. This meant we needed extra security, proper planning and a lot of additional travelling.

It was a particularly challenging shoot, locations were tough to access and security was an issue. We needed to capture each location during golden hour with peak traffic. To tackle this challenge we had to break each shoot up into shorter half days shoots to film each site in the perfect conditions. This meant we could cover one or two billboards in the morning, followed by another one or two in the evening, depending on their locations. The entire project had another major hurdle that we did not plan for, namely country-wide lockdown. To overcome this challenge, we sent a team to the remaining sites and filmed a short clip of the traffic which we sent to the client, once they provided the go-ahead we could proceed with filming. This process had to be repeated multiple times until the highways had sufficient traffic.

All the motion graphics and editing was done in-house by our team. We also opted for no voice narration and quick snappy edited clips to keep the videos engaging and straight-to-the-point. This also allowed us to make the most of the client’s budget. The client was extremely happy with the finished videos, so much so that we were tasked with filming even more of them over the coming months. A testament to our service and commitment to our client’s vision.

At Oliver Karstel we are willing to go the ‘extra mile to produce high-end marketing videos that match our client’s unique needs and budgets. Get in touch with our team for your next marketing campaign.

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