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Interior Architecture Photography – PBOS Polar Bear Office Suites

PBOS – Polar Bear Office Suites

PBOS is an office rental agency in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Their offices are rented fully furnished with telephony and include 24-hour biometric access.

Personal experiences:
I photographed the suites, interior and exterior and brought props to recreate and add to the office environment.
I was shooting at night with two flashes to control the lighting for interior boardrooms (big and small), interior, offices as well as the entranceway.
For the exterior shots of the building and parking, I used a long exposure technique to gather as much light into the shot as possible.
This was a great experience as I had plenty of time to play around with the lighting that the building had to offer as well as the fill light I brought along.


PBOS - Polar Bear Office Suites


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