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eLearning production checklist

eLearning Production Checklist

Having experienced the many benefits of e-learning your company decides to take the plunge and start producing your own. So you clear your budget, delegate your team and start your project plan. The only issue is, that you know what your end product should be like, but achieving it seems more complicated with every step. We understand the inevitable intricacies of a new discipline. So we compiled a list of eLearning production essentials we picked up on our eLearning journey to aid yours.

eLearning Checklist

Proper Planning Is Pertinent

eLearning production typically involves multiple professionals from different disciplines, which means planning is essential.

  • Set up your platforms for communication and collaboration and match your frequency of feedback with your project plan.
  • Planning your content with the goal of repurposing it at a later stage is a great production habit, as content can easily be adapted with a little foresight.

Instructional Design Matters

  • We advise you consider your eLearning production material, goals, budget and stakeholders involved when deciding on an instructional design model.

Apply learning principles and theory to your content to maximize the student’s engagement and retention of the material.

Authoring Tool

  • Identify your tools for project collaboration and match them with your project plan and stakeholders.
  • Work out your export settings in advance to ensure your testing goes smoothly.
  • Configure and customize your eLearning media player to aid your learning outcomes.
  • Beware of your course size, as each learning item is streamed and could lead to student frustration as courses buffer for extended periods.

eLearning Technical Tips

  • Establish your asset formats and stick with them, this ensures each step of production has the optimal content formats.
  • In line with the previous tip, ensure your asset formats are optimized to keep your course loading time as short as possible.
  • Always test your content and have each phase signed off by all stakeholders involved.

eLearning Design

  • Your eLearning should have a consistent design to maintain brand identity and keep the content looking professional.
  • Storyboarding is a great tool to visualize the course prior to developing it, the level of detail is dependent on the number of stakeholders involved.
  • Increasing production value does not always lead to improved learning, find the production value ‘sweet spot’ that works for your goals. 

We recommend creating a design template beforehand to aid in future course production. This can even be taken a step further with animated characters as these assets can also be made in advance to further aid production.


Elearning production as a discipline is growing at a massive rate, and with it comes years of production and learning experience. Which, when leveraged properly will result in a streamlined eLearning development unit, capable of producing high-end eLearning content as part of a comprehensive strategy. We hope these tips provide you with the confidence to tackle your eLearning strategy head-on.

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