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Oliver Karstel Agency / Corporate Video – Aluminium Company

Corporate Video – Aluminium Company

corporate video

As a video production company, we understand how important it is to showcase a company’s services and products through corporate videos. That’s why when Wispeco Aluminium approached us to produce their corporate video, we knew the importance of delivering a high-quality video that truly represents their brand. However, working on tight deadlines and producing a video to match their standards could be daunting. Fortunately, we had a secret weapon – collaboration with our friends from Sound Idea Digital.

We have teamed with Sound Idea Digital on multiple projects in the past, which meant we could collaborate on this project seamlessly and with minimal delay. Our teams were split up from the start, and resources were allocated accordingly. This allowed us to produce most aspects of the video simultaneously, reducing the overall production time.

Who Are They?

The client is the leading aluminium extrusion company in South Africa. They are the largest aluminium extrusion supplier in Africa and offer a comprehensive range of aluminium products. The company has factories and distribution centers located throughout the country.

Corporate Video Production

For this video we hired a professional voice artist who we recorded in our in-house studio. This increases the videos production value, which in turn improves the impact of the message. All the motion graphics, script writing and filming were also performed by our teams.

In today’s digital world, video has proven to be one of the most effective mediums for businesses to communicate their brand message. Companies across all industries have started leveraging this powerful tool to showcase their work and highlight their expertise. Industrial businesses can benefit greatly from having a company showcase video.

corporate video

Showcase Your Facilities and Equipment

One of the biggest advantages of having a corporate video is the ability to visually display your facilities and equipment. Industrial companies deal with complex machinery that can be difficult to explain through text and images. A video allows you to take the viewer on a visual tour of your facility and demonstrate the high-quality equipment and technology you use to deliver your services. This helps build trust with prospective clients and sets you apart from competitors.

Communicate Your Expertise

An industrial company showcase video also allows you to communicate your expertise and experience in your field. By highlighting your team’s knowledge, qualifications, and successful projects, you’re able to position yourself as a leader in the industry. This type of messaging can lead to increased engagement and interest from prospects who are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable partner for their next industrial project.

Increase Brand Awareness

By having a corporate video, you can increase your brand’s visibility and authority within your industry. Your video can be shared across social media platforms and your company website, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Additionally, by demonstrating your industry knowledge and professionalism, more people will be inclined to recognise and recommend your brand to others.

Engage with Potential Clients

Your industrial corporate video can serve as a valuable asset during the sales process with potential clients. By sharing the video with a prospect, you give them a clear understanding of your capabilities and approach to service delivery. This can help bring them closer to a purchasing decision, as they have a better understanding of what you can offer them.

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