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Company Induction Video – GEA Africa


An induction video serves to introduce new employees to a company and its values. This video was shot for GEA Africa and the emphasis was placed on welcoming staff members. This video also indirectly introduces new employees to colleagues they will be working with, as well as emphasises the opportunities that are available to GEA employees, whilst highlighting GEA’s company ethos.

As described on their website as “GEA is one of the world’s largest systems suppliers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors. Our portfolio includes machinery and plants as well as advanced process technology, components and comprehensive services. Used across diverse industries, they enhance the sustainability and efficiency of production processes globally.” They have over 18 000 employees in sixty-two countries. As you can see, an employee induction video is essential for a company of this size and reach.

This style of video is ideal for larger corporations as it serves as a great orientation tool for new employees. This video could also be repurposed into smaller clips and used as a reference for micro-learning throughout the organisation. Another great advantage of this style of video is that it is very easy to update. 

Personal Experience:

Whenever I shoot an induction video, I gain good insight into the company I will be working with. Induction videos allow for a more intimate interview experience – a company’s employees will share their personal experiences more readily when being interviewed for an induction video than for any other kind of video.

It’s an excellent way to gauge a company’s ethos and value system as people struggle to be insincere. That being said, the better the company culture the more that will shine through in the video.

Technical Specifications:

Two cameras were used for fluid editing, and three-point lighting to effectively light the subjects. All the motion graphics were developed in-house and in advance to ensure the project deadline was met. A video of this nature does not happen by accident, the GEA team ensured our success through each step of production. By organising their team members and venue. They also assisted us on the day of the shoot to keep us on schedule. Timely feedback was provided for each draft of the video, keeping the entire video production on track.


  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Voice Recording
  • Interviews

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GEA Africa


Rode Lavalier Microphone, Zoom H4N, Ring light, two LED Video Lights, Canon 60D, Canon 50mm, Canon 6D; Tamron 15-30


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