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Marketing Video – Bühler Group; Les Moulins de la Concorde Flour Mill, Mauritius


marketing video

We were tasked by Bühler Group with the production of a marketing video, or company success story video for the Le Moulins de la Concorde in Mauritius. They are a specialised flour milling company, that forms a vital part of the Mauritian economy, and have been partnered with Bühler for 30 years. During this period the company has made massive gains in technological development, productivity and skills development. Their entire business has enjoyed automation upgrades and integration into Bühler’s insights platform. This platform allows them to carefully monitor the entire operation, allowing for vital upgrades and optimisation throughout each step. Bühler has also provided LMLC with regular training, enabling their team and operations to be more reliable, available and improving production uptime. Another major achievement due to this collaboration is a 4% reduction in energy consumption from LMLC, ensuring a more sustainable business for years to come.

For a marketing video it is important to maintain a high production value. This is achieved through proper planning, equipment selection and time allocation. Extra time had to be provisioned in order to capture all the B-roll footage of the island, plant and surroundings. This gives the video proper perspective and sets the stage for the remainder of the viewing. A drone was used to capture aerial establishing shots, which also pushes the production value of the video further. In order to use a drone, it is important you acquire permission from the relevant authorities. If you’re travelling and filming we also recommend getting permission prior to bringing a drone along. We have been denied access to a country before, which resulted in the confiscation of our drone.

For the video narration we opted to film individual interviews with key members from Bühler Group and LMLC, these interviews were then edited to use the voices as narration throughout the video. This style of video narration is ideal for a specialised organisation like a milling company. This is because their expertise and value-add comes directly from their team members and key partnerships, which is why you want them to narrate their operations for the viewer. We also added to subtitles to the video to ensure the narration was clear regardless of the interviewees’ accents. When using interviews as the narration for the video, it is vital that each interview is recorded with the same audio set up and equipment. The narration must maintain the same quality and consistency throughout the entire video.

Marketing Video

This project was an absolute pleasure to work on. In between the travelling to Mauritius, filming and collaborating with Bühler Group and the LMLC team, we learned so much about the country, culture and their impressive milling operation. Having worked on multiple projects with the Bühler Group in the past, we look forward to many more video projects in the future. As is the theme in the video, building strong partnerships with suppliers plays a key role in sustainability, quality, consistency and growth.

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