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Marketing Video – The Innovation Hub

Marketing Video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for a governmental organisation known as The Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is an agency that was developed to represent the Gauteng Province in the development and facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship programmes and campaigns. The Innovation Hub is an owned subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency, that was spear-headed by the Department of Economic Development to promote further development and competition in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The marketing video production was focused on their technology and science park known as the Innovation Centre, where entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers and students come together to strengthen the innovative capacity of South Africa. One of the project’s main goals is to empower the youth and drive projects that directly contribute to the country’s environmental and economic stimulation and growth.

For this marketing video production, we opted for a dual narration style of marketing video production which included a professional voice artist and interviews with key project members. The professional voice artist would narrate the video intro, outro and transitional parts, while the interviewees would drive the main video narration through a testimonial-style interview. This method takes the credibility of a testimonial video and combines it with the professionalism of a voice artist to maintain a higher production value throughout the video. The interview narrations also add a degree of relatability to the video as each interviewee played a key role throughout the organisation. From students through to industry leaders. To ensure the interviewee’s were as comfortable as possible we ensured each member was given sufficient time to practice their speaking roles. We aided them with teleprompters, and also consulted them on the best way to communicate their messages. We also interviewed each key member at their respective offices to ensure they were as comfortable as possible. When filming an interview, acquiring a minute of usable dialogue could take ten minutes or two hours. Making sure you get the best out of an interview in the shortest period of time is essential when it comes to meeting a client’s budget and making the most out of each shoot day.

Marketing Video

For the filming of this marketing video production we had to plan each shoot day extensively. There were multiple large and impactful organisations involved in The Innovation Hub’s network, which included multiple universities, colleges and SITA organisations. Each organisation also had key representatives that needed to be prepped. To achieve this we had to set up proper planning meeting where we organised each shoot day well in advance. This allowed us to prep our crews and equipment and make the most out of the client’s budget and access to key resources like heads of department and government officials.

All the video graphics, music and editing was done in-house by our design team. By providing a bespoke video production service, we have full control over each element of the video and limit our team’s capacity for miscommunication and potential error.

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Marketing Video Production



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