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Motion Graphics Corporate Video – ACE

motion graphics

We were tasked with the production of a motion graphics corporate video for South African Maize staple ACE. ACE is the definition of a household brand and a firm favourite for families across South Africa. They pride themselves in their innovative approach to their products, with new iterations of their products coming out on a regular basis ensuring their customers receive the best maize meal money can buy.

For this video we combined custom Motion Graphics, Design and a combination of stock images to create budget friendly video content covering their new updated product ranges. To add to the production value of the video we wrote a custom script and recorded it in-house with a professional voice artist.

For a project of this nature it was of vital importance to plan the video comprehensively from the start. This allowed us to create a comprehensive storyboard that aligned our vision of the video with the client’s expectations. This approach also ensured we could clear all the motion graphics and video images in advance prior to production, which meant once production started we could focus on finalising production without any feedback delays or production bottlenecks.

ACE was a pleasure to work with, they ensured theirs teams were available for feedback at key points of the project. They also provided us with comprehensive information which aided us in writing the of the script. For the professional voice artist we sourced the talent agency and provided the ACE team with a list of potential artists. They perused the list and chose the artist that best suited the video’s messaging. Whenever dealing with outsourced talent, it is important that the client provides timely feedback early on elements like the script and video tempo, this ensures the voice recording can be completed in one session, eliminating any potential budget creep for the project.

motion graphics

The benefits of Motion Graphics for Corporate Video

Breaking down Complex Information

Presenting complex information in a simple and understandable manner can be challenging. Motion graphics can simplify complex concepts and data by using visuals that facilitate understanding. Animated graphics can break down information into specific frames, which can be easily absorbed and retained. Instead of bulleted lists and complex diagrams, use animated graphics that can convey the same ideas with style.

Creating a Memorable Image

Creating a memorable image that your audience remembers is a challenge. Logos and brand elements are great examples of images that people remember. Motion graphics can be incorporated into your video as a way to create a memorable impression on your viewers. Your logo or brand could animate and spin before the next scene or some typography animated in a visually striking way could do. These impressions stay with people, and if done correctly, it can increase engagement and audience recall.

Saving on Production Costs

Producing high-quality videos is expensive, especially for large companies that need to produce videos frequently. Live-action videos require a lot of time, resources, and budget to create and edit, whereas motion graphics are more affordable than live-action videos and easier to update. Since animation uses digital formatting, updating and revising a motion graphic project is faster and less labor-intensive than shooting a new live-action video.

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