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Motion Graphics Explainer Video – TFSA

motion graphics

We were tasked with the production of a motion graphics explainer video for Trade Forward Southern Africa. An international trade organisation focused on skills development for aspiring export businesses in Southern Africa. The video’s purpose was to highlight and break down their online library of international trade training courses. All the training courses were also developed in-house by our team in collaboration with Sound Idea Digital.

The video was a combination of custom motion graphics, screen casting and stock footage. This style of video is very budget friendly and quick to produce. All the transition footage was sourced from a series of websites while the screen casting was recorded in-house by our team. The screen casting is perfect for explainer videos on online systems, as each step can be demonstrated step-by-step within the system. The custom motion graphics complemented the screen casting and aided the viewer in their understanding of the system. The motion graphics also added to the production value of the video while increasing the viewers information retention.

This style of video presents fewer production challenges which includes potential project bottlenecks. The majority of the motion graphics, screen casting and stock footage require initial feedback and collaboration, but once those processes are in place the remainder of production is streamlined. As a result the turn-around time for the video was incredibly fast. This was the ideal format for this project as it meant the budget for the content was optimised for such a large project. Keep in mind an entire online library of training courses was released as a part of this project. Which meant we had to produce multiple videos clips, animation and motion graphics for every course. With mass content production, it is vital that you pick a format and production process that maximises your resources, to ensure your deadlines and budget are met.

motion graphics

Working with TFSA was a dream. The project involved multiple international trade experts that assisted us along every step. Content production is a very personalised process, which means you need proper collaboration processes and project management in place to ensure it runs smoothly. Our team thoroughly enjoyed working on this project as we learned all kinds of nuanced information about international trade with every video and eLearning course.

For this project we were also tasked with the marketing of the entire online library as well as their website. This meant we could track the performance of each piece of content and further optimise them to increase the efficacy of the project in its entirety. This included social media marketing, newsletter campaigns and website SEO strategy.

The project was a huge success and amassed thousands of participants from across Southern Africa. This included the website which was built from scratch and grown to service thousands more aspiring exporters.

Keep in an eye out for more project write-ups covering the various elements of this project, as each one played a key role in the projects success.

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Motion Graphics


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