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Motion Graphics Marketing Video – Digibook

motion graphics

We were tasked with the production of a motion graphics marketing video for Digibook. The Digibook products are a series of study guides for students that simplify, complement and supplement their schooling with easy to follow exercises, theory and applications. This was a fun project to work on as many of our team members grew up with the Digibook series. We opted for a motion graphics video as it allowed us to create captivating graphics to complement the videos marketing message. The graphics are also done in a colourful and contemporary manner to appeal to their target demographic. The motion graphics also allow us to condense the videos messaging while simplifying explanations and call-to-actions.

The videos narration is a combination of interviews recorded with a lapel mic and a voice over recorded and performed in-house by our team. Recording interviews as a basis for the video narration is a great way of adding a personal element to the video, as each interview involves company representatives. Transitioning the voice over to our in-house team allows us greater flexibility over the production of the video while easily updating the videos original narration without having to film the company members again. This also saves the client on project budget as it cuts out the need to hire additional voice talent.

When planning your motion graphics marketing videos make sure you consider the publishing schedule and content strategy. Every platform you plan to post your videos to has its own unique optimisation strategy, which needs to be carefully considered prior to production. Motion graphics videos are also perfect for repurposing. This singular video can easily be edited into multiple shorter clips for social media purposes.

motion graphics

Other applications for Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos can be a powerful tool for employee training. With engaging animations and voiceovers, businesses can create informative and easy-to-follow training videos for new employees. These videos can be used to teach everything from basic procedures to more complex tasks, ensuring employees are up to speed with company standards and protocols.

Complex topics
Complex ideas and technologies can be challenging to explain to a wide audience. Motion graphics videos offer a means to break down these concepts into easily digestible bites. Because they are presented in an animated format, they can help viewers stay engaged with the content, preventing difficult explanations from becoming dry or confusing. This is particularly useful for businesses that offer technical or specialised products, services, or software, as it can help them better communicate what they do and the solutions they offer.

Event promotions
Motion graphics videos can be used for promoting events, whether its for a product launch or a company conference. They can be used to create hype, share important details, and encourage attendees to register. Animated videos can be eye-catching and fun, creating a buzz around the event and increasing attendance. They can also communicate longer message concisely without overwhelming the viewer.

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