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Motion Graphics – SYB Coins

motion graphics

We were tasked with the production of a motion graphics video for American company SYB Coins. SYB Coins is a Blockchain Crypto Currency company that incentives landlords, tenants and home owners to fulfill their duties more effectively. They are rewarded with coins for fulfilling their duties, which can then be traded within the Crypto Currency space for other coins and trades. For this video, the motion graphics played a big role in breaking down a complex topic. They also aided in instructing the viewer on how to get started with the system. All the motion graphics, design and editing was done in-house by our team of designers.

Tips for Dynamic Motion Graphics Videos

Start with a storyboard:
A storyboard is a visual representation of your video’s script that outlines each scene, shot, and transition. Creating a storyboard is essential because it helps you plan out your video’s structure before you start investing time and resources in its production. In addition, it helps you identify potential issues and make adjustments before you begin the actual creation process. Your storyboard helps bridge the disconnect between the video company and the client, so make sure it is detailed enough so that every team member is a clear idea of the video.

Keep it simple and clear: A common mistake that corporate businesses make when creating motion graphics videos is over-complicating the design and message of the video. The key to creating an effective motion graphics video is to keep it simple and clear. This means using simple design elements, typography, and color schemes that are easy to understand and remember. Stick to a simple color palette and typography that is easy to read and complements your brand.

Pay attention to pacing: Motion graphics videos are all about movement and timing. A video that drags on too slowly will lose the viewer’s attention, while one that moves too quickly can be confusing and overwhelming. Good pacing is key to creating an engaging motion graphics video. The pacing of your video should be consistent, with each scene and transition flowing smoothly into the next. When you’re planning your video, make sure you consider the length of each shot and how it will impact the video’s overall pacing.

motion graphics

Use sound and music to complement your video: Sound design and music are often overlooked when creating motion graphics videos, but they are essential elements that can make or break the viewer’s experience. When selecting music, make sure it is appropriate to the tone and message of your video. You want music that will enhance the viewer’s emotional response, rather than being a distraction. In addition, sound effects can also be used to reinforce a message, emphasize key points, or add humor to the video.

Test, iterate, and revise: The final tip for creating dynamic motion graphics videos for corporate businesses is to test, iterate, and revise your video. Once you have a rough cut, test the video with a small group of people to get feedback. Ask for honest feedback on both the visual and audio elements of the video. Use the feedback to iterate and revise the video until it meets your standards and achieves the desired results.

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