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Motion Graphics Video – TFSA eLearning 3

motion graphics video

Motion Graphics for eLearning

Learning is a continuous process that never ends. As students, we have all experienced days where we find it difficult to grasp a new concept or find a particular subject dull and uninteresting. Innovations in technology have made it possible to enhance the learning experience and make it more engaging and exciting. One such innovation is the use of motion graphics video in eLearning courses. In this write-up, we will explore how motion graphics video clips have revolutionised the eLearning experience from an accessibility and complementary perspective.

The Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project where we were tasked with educating students on international trade is a perfect example of how multimedia can enhance the learning experience. To create engaging motion graphics video, we first filmed the required footage and then edited it in-house to customise it to suit the learning objectives. We aimed to simplify complex information into visually appealing and informative videos that would engage students.

Using stock footage and filmed footage allowed us to create customised video clips that helped simplify essential information. We ensured that the video clips were concise, informative and visually appealing to enable students to understand complex subjects better. By presenting information in a simplified format through video clips, students were able to retain information faster and more effectively.

The voice artist for these video clips was one of our team members who had voiced numerous videos across multiple clients and campaigns. By doing so, we could ensure consistency in sound and tone throughout the eLearning course. This saved us the cost of hiring new talent and helped maintain a professional tone throughout the entire project. It also reduced delays for updates and changes to the eLearning audio. With such a large eLearning project, there are bound to be changes to the script over time, which would have caused delays if we were using outside talent for the narration.

motion graphics video

Moreover, motion graphics video clips have made eLearning courses accessible to all. While reading long texts can be monotonous, videos add an element of engagement and excitement which makes learning more enjoyable. Furthermore, students can learn at their own pace by playing a video again if they have not understood a particular concept. This saves time and effort compared to reading lengthy texts to understand a challenging subject. In terms of complementary content options, motion graphics is one of the most practical and budget friendly, which also means it’s the perfect medium for shorter timeframes.

In conclusion, the integration of motion graphics videos in eLearning courses has revolutionised the learning experience. It offers a more engaging and accessible way to learn and helps students understand complex information effectively. With the advancement in technology, the possibilities for the use of multimedia in eLearning courses are endless. Motion graphics videos have set the bar high, and it’s exciting to think about how this innovation will continue to enhance the learning experience.

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