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Motion Graphics Video – TFSA eLearning 4

motion graphics video

Motion Graphics for eLearning

The world of education has changed drastically in recent years. With the advent of technology, traditional teaching methods are being replaced with online learning. eLearning has taken the world by storm and is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility, accessibility, and affordability. However, with the rise of eLearning, there comes the challenge of keeping students engaged and motivated. This is where motion graphics video comes in. The Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project is a prime example of how motion graphics video can enhance eLearning. In this project write-up, we’ll explore the benefits of motion graphics video in eLearning, and how it can revolutionise education.

The Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project was designed to educate students on international trade. One of the challenges of any eLearning project is maintaining consistency in tone and sound throughout the course. The voice artist for these video clips was one of our team members who had voiced numerous videos across multiple clients and campaigns. By doing so, we could ensure consistency in sound and tone throughout the eLearning course, which saves time and money. This is a significant advantage for large eLearning projects that require frequent updates and changes, which would have caused delays if we were using outside talent for the narration.

Motion graphics video has made eLearning courses accessible to all. While reading long texts can be monotonous, videos add an element of engagement and excitement that makes learning more enjoyable. The use of motion graphics and animations allows complex concepts to be visualised in a simple and understandable manner. This not only makes learning fun but also ensures that students retain the information for a more extended period.

Moreover, motion graphics video allows students to learn at their own pace. Students can play a video again if they have not understood a particular concept. This saves time and effort compared to reading lengthy texts to understand a challenging subject. They can also pause and return to the video when they are ready to continue learning.

In terms of complementary content options, motion graphics is one of the most practical and budget-friendly, which means it’s the perfect medium for shorter timeframes. Motion graphics videos can be created in a shorter time frame compared to live action videos. They are also more cost-effective since there is no need to hire actors, rent a location, or pay for expensive equipment.

motion graphics video

In conclusion, motion graphics videos have revolutionised the world of eLearning. They have made education more accessible, engaging, and cost-effective. Through the Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project, we can see how motion graphics videos have the potential to enhance the overall learning experience. They make learning fun by bringing complex concepts to life, allow students to learn at their own pace, and are an affordable option for complementing text-heavy courses. Moving forward, integrating motion graphics videos into eLearning courses will be essential in engaging and motivating students to learn in the digital age.

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