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Motion Graphics Video – TFSA eLearning

motion graphics

We were tasked with the production of a series of eLearning courses for Trade Forward Southern Africa that featured motion graphics video clips and custom design, which is what this project write-up is about.

The focus of the project was to educate students on the various aspects of international trade. This included a variety of complementary motion graphics video clips to aid the learners. This was part of a much larger project that also included an LMS development, website development, content strategy, social media management, eLearning development, video production, animation development and SEO. Each part played a big role in the success of the campaign which was run over the period of a year.

The motion graphics video were a combination of filmed footage and stock footage, which was edited in-house by our team. The voice artist for the video clips was performed by a member of our team, who has voiced hundred of different videos across multiple clients and campaigns. It also meant we could save budget on hiring new talent, which could allocated towards additional custom motion graphics and design, which added to the production value of the eLearning courses as a whole.

motion graphics

Advantages of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics video clips are ideal for eLearning due to several reasons:

Simplification of complex concepts: Motion graphics can effectively simplify complex information by using visuals, animations, and text, making it easier for learners to understand and retain key concepts.

Engaging and interactive content: Motion graphics add an interactive element to eLearning courses, keeping learners engaged and interested. The use of animations, transitions, and visual effects makes the content more dynamic and captivating.

Visual representation of abstract ideas: Motion graphics can visually represent abstract ideas or concepts that are difficult to explain through traditional methods. By using animated visuals, learners can better grasp and comprehend these abstract concepts.

Enhanced memory retention: Studies have shown that videos, including motion graphics, can enhance memory retention in learners. The combination of visual and auditory elements in motion graphics helps stimulate multiple senses, leading to better information recall and retention.

Consistency and standardisation: Motion graphics allow for consistent delivery of content across various eLearning modules. By using predefined templates and visual styles, organisations can maintain a standardised approach to their eLearning materials. This was vital for a project of this size, as each module formed a small piece of a much larger marketing puzzle that was the overall aim of the project. Consistency of content was the only way to ensure the content and learning material was professional and easy to identify.

Cost-effective and time-efficient: Utilising stock footage and pre-designed motion graphics can significantly reduce the production time and costs associated with creating custom videos from scratch. This is particularly beneficial for organisations with limited resources or tight deadlines. This project included hundred of clips and custom content production, which means every cost-saving decision had a ripple effect on the project in its entirety.

Overall, motion graphics video clips offer a visually engaging, interactive, and efficient way to deliver content in eLearning, ensuring effective learning experiences for learners.
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