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PERI – Skydeck Product Video (Marketing Video)

PERI Skydeck build site

PERI – Skydeck Product Video

A marketing video simply and effectively informs customers about a product.
This marketing video was created to showcase the PERI SKYDECK product range.
It was shot at the site of 200 Rivonia, Sandton, to showcase the product and its usage on site.
The video was shot on-site due to the structure being predominantly composed of flat slabs,
a task for which SKYDECK was perfectly suited as SKYDECK increases the speed of construction and reduces the need for skilled labour due to its quick turnaround times.

Personal Experience:
This was a really great video to shoot, as I was given complete freedom on the site.
I was permitted to do whatever I needed to do on the site within restrictions of the safety officer and site rules,
and this kind of creative freedom on a site allows me to produce my best work.
The video is structured around several time-lapse sequences, and we decided to capture a more fun side of Bruce before going into the technical specs of the site.
Bruce Lorimer was PERI’s client – the supplier of the formwork, and the site was a Becker site (a hospital site).
I captured some excellent footage while on top of the crane, capturing beautiful, smooth footage like drone footage (while on a crane swinging at 360 degrees).
This project was an extremely exciting project to work on, and the conditions during filming were perfect: overcast weather is excellent for filming on a site.

Technical Specifications:
20000 m² medical facility
3000 squares of SKYDECK on site
Pouring 1000 squares a week
Off-shutter concrete is easily produced by the SKYDECK system

Oliver Karstel is a professional photographer, videographer, designer and creative consultant.
I specialise in custom content creation, brand development and marketing.
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Equipment Used:

Canon 6D + Tamron 15-30 f2.8; Canon 50mm 1.8 Mark II; Canon 85mm 1.8; Canon 24mm Tilt-shift 3.5; Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6 Zoom H4N Rode Stereo Video Mic


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