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Whiteboard Animation – FirstRand (Retail and Commercial)

Whiteboard Animation

We were tasked with the production of a custom Whiteboard Animation for South African banking giants FirstRand. The Corporate Video covers innovation and consistency through their work item framework, using Mcdonalds as reference for the model. The video was created for their corporate function and acts both as training and as a tool to launch the new framework concept within the company.

The video was custom designed and animated in-house by our team. The script was also finalised and recorded with a professional voice artist within our recording studio. A professional narration helps push the video’s production value while the use of Whiteboard Animation allows for a simplification of a rather complex topic with multiple facets to it. The Whiteboard Animation route also saves on budget which makes the professional voice artist a lot more viable for the project.

Working with the client was a smooth process, as all our channels of communication and collaboration were set up prior to the start of the project. This meant we could plan every meeting and point of feedback in advance, which allowed all the key members to be available for every session. We also broke our production team up into design and animation which meant there were no delays when custom designing the various videos elements and scenes. When working on any content production, make sure you leverage the skills and insights of every key member, as this ensures you have no bottlenecks during production and can implement meaningful changes throughout each step of production.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a creative and effective way to communicate complex ideas in a simple, engaging format. This style of video has become increasingly popular among companies for a variety of reasons, they include:

Simplifies complex topics: Whiteboard animation is a great way to simplify complex topics and make them more accessible to a wider audience. Through the use of simple illustrations and step-by-step explanations, this technique can break down even the most difficult subjects into easily digestible pieces.

Memorable and engaging: The use of colorful illustrations and animation can help make videos more engaging and memorable. Whiteboard animation videos can captivate audiences by telling a story or taking viewers on a journey while also educating them.

Cost-effective: Another great advantage of whiteboard animation is that it can be cost-effective compared to live-action videos. This makes it a great option for companies that want to produce high-quality content on a budget. Due to the lower cost of this animation medium it also means you can enhance your video production value with additional elements like the professional voice artist.

Versatile: Whiteboard animation can be used for a variety of different types of videos, including explainer videos, product demos, and educational content. This versatile format can be customised to fit the needs of any company or topic and allows for a great deal of creative freedom that does not eat away at your budget.

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Whiteboard Animation


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