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We are a specialised business-to-business content production agency. We take a clever, creative and no-bullsh*t approach to creating honest client-customer content.

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Jozi's Kitchen Corporate Video Production Project

Jozi’s Kitchen – Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production – Jozi’s Kitchen The Company: Jozi’s Kitchen is a food supply and catering company that provides its consumers with traditional meals that have a trendy spin. Delivered fresh or frozen to your doorstep. What Inspired The Corporate Video: For Jozi’s Kitchen Corporate Video, we opted for...

Company Induction Video – GEA Africa

Premise: An induction video serves to introduce new employees to a company and its values. This video was shot for GEA Africa and the emphasis was placed on welcoming staff members. This video also indirectly introduces new employees to colleagues they will be working with, as...

Architecture Photography, Peri Stellenbosch Office, South Africa

Event Video – PERI Cape Town

Event Video - PERI Cape Town Premise:  An event video captures special events and social events. This video was created for PERI Cape Town to celebrate the launch of their new property in Somerset West, near Cape Town, South Africa. Personal Experience: This event was filmed by my trusty number...

UNWomen - Lesotho Cattle Herders - Documentary Photography

UN WOMEN: Documentary Video

Premise: A documentary documents an aspect of reality, typically a social or environmental topic. This documentary was shot for UNWOMEN and investigates the disproportionate effect of climate change on women living in rural environments in Africa. This documentary was filmed in five African countries, including Lesotho,...

SERCO - Frostliner Product Shoot

Marketing Video – SERCO, Frost Liner

Marketing Video - SERCO Premise: A marketing video simply and effectively informs customers about a product. This marketing video was created to showcase the brand new Protec Steel Frost Liner trailer range by SERCO. Personal Experience: The filming of the marketing video project was comprised of four full days of...

PERI Midrand Branch - Architecture Photography

Company Video – PERI Midrand

. This video was produced for PERI Midrand and was filmed at their offices in Midrand, South Africa. This video was presented at a conference, and its primary focus was to emphasise PERI Midrand’s excellent company ethos and give the viewer insight into the daily activities of PERI...