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We are a specialised business-to-business content production agency. We take a clever, creative and no-bullsh*t approach to creating honest client-customer content.

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health and safety video

Health and Safety Video – Anglo Coal

Our team was entrusted with the important task of creating a specialised health and safety video for Anglo Coal. The primary objective of this video was to emphasise and educate on the critical aspects of safety, specifically focusing on hot work and confined spaces within...

marketing video

Marketing Video – GEA Africa (Thermo King)

We were entrusted with the exciting and pivotal task of creating a company showcase marketing video for our esteemed client, GEA Africa. This project aimed to capture the essence of GEA Africa, highlighting its strengths, values, and the key personnel who drive the company's success....

marketing video

Marketing Video – Two Mountains

At Oliver Karstel, we are committed to delivering high-quality marketing video production services that capture the essence of our clients' businesses. We recently had the privilege of working with Two Mountains, a prominent and specialised funeral services company. This project aimed to create a compelling...

health and safety video

Health and Safety Video – Mamba Cement

Mamba Cement is a cement production company located in Northam, Limpopo Province, South Africa. They operate a state-of-the-art cement plant with the latest technology and energy efficiency. Their products include bagged and bulk cement for typical building applications. Mamba Cement places high importance on health and...

corporate video

Corporate Video – Catering Company

In today's world, a company's online presence is everything. With the rise of social media and video marketing, it's becoming increasingly important to have content that stands out and grabs the attention of potential customers. This is especially true for specialised services like food manufacturers....

corporate video

Corporate Video – Mining

We were tasked by Sound Idea Digital to collaborate on a specialised corporate video for the Palabora Mining Company. The video acted as both a company showcase video as well as a corporate orientation video for internal staff....

corporate video

Corporate Video – Kal Tire Group

Corporate videos have become a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their products and services in an engaging and effective way. As a video production company, we understand the value of producing high-quality corporate videos that accurately represent a company's brand. Recently, we had the...

corporate video

Corporate Video – Aluminium Company

As a video production company, we understand how important it is to showcase a company's services and products through corporate videos. That's why when Wispeco Aluminium approached us to produce their corporate video, we knew the importance of delivering a high-quality video that truly represents...

motion graphics video

Motion Graphics Video – TFSA eLearning 5

In a world where technology is rapidly changing, the ability to learn online has become increasingly popular. E-learning is a great way to learn at your own pace without the need for a physical classroom. However, traditional eLearning courses can be dull and disengaging, which...

Motion Graphics Video – TFSA eLearning 4

The world of education has changed drastically in recent years. With the advent of technology, traditional teaching methods are being replaced with online learning. eLearning has taken the world by storm and is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility, accessibility, and affordability. However, with...